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Ahoy, Matey! Since 2004 has been the #1 ranking website for Sussex County Delaware Mobile Homes but were you aware that as licensed REALTORS® in Delaware we can show you ANY type of property? Our primary emphasis is still helping buyers and sellers navigate the Mobile Home market but don’t let the Coastal Mobiles name stop you from inquiring about buying or selling other types of property including Condos,  Single Family Properties and Waterfront Homes at the Beach.
#1 Question asked about buying Mobile Homes: Yes, you need good credit to buy a mobile home even if you are paying cash. What is considered good credit? 620 credit score or better.
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We can show you ANY home for Sale in Southern Delaware!

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  1. Know your credit score. If you don't have a 620 score or better we probably can't help you.
  2. Know how you plan to pay for the home. Cash, Home Equity Loan or Mobile Home Mortgage.
  3. Search this site for homes. All listings are updated daily.
  4. Call, text or e-mail us to set up an appointment to see homes. Please call a few days in advance.

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Overview of prices for properties at the Delaware Beaches.

The average price of a Home in Rehoboth Beach
is over $600K but there are lower cost alternatives.

  • Mobile Homes at the beach on leased land can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $200,000.
  • Mobile Homes on land you own (fee simple) rarely cost less than $150,000.
  • Waterfront Mobile Homes with no ground rent in Swann Keys start around $200,000.
  • 2BR/2BA Rehoboth Beach Condos for Sale three miles from the beach usually cost $160,000 - $350,000.
  • Condos within walking distance of any beach are rarely less than $400,000.
  • Starter Homes and fixer uppers in Rehoboth and Lewes are rarely less than $200,000.
  • No frills new construction Single Family Homes 5 - 10 miles from the beach start around $275,000.
  • Single family homes within walking distance of the beach rarely cost less than $800,000.
  • Nicer Homes in Rehoboth Beach and Lewes are usually in the $400,000 - $4,000,000 range.
  • No matter what property type you choose, Delaware property taxes are some of the lowest in the US.


Spotlight: Our Favorite Delaware Mobile Home Communities

"We sell more homes in these seven communities than all of the others combined, not because we push them harder but because these are the communities that our buyers choose on their own after seeing everything on the market."

  • Rehoboth Bay: The only waterfront Mobile Home Community with a Rehoboth Beach Zip Code
  • Aspen Meadows: large yards, lawn care included in the ground rent fee and a great community pool.
  • Camelot: Just about as close as you can get to the beach in a Rehoboth Mobile Community.2.8 Miles
  • Sussex West: 55 and over community in Lewes with garages, newer homes. 5 min from everything.
  • Angola Estates: Newer manufactured homes on wooded lots in Lewes. Great community pool & marina.
  • Mariners Cove: If you are a fisherman or boater this waterfront Millsboro community has deep water.
  • Pot Nets Lakeside: The crown jewel of Delaware mobile home communities located in Millsboro.

Rehoboth Bay MHP Listings

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Ground Rent $664 Mo. A Woodland Retreat With Brand...

City: Rehoboth Beach, DE
Beds: 3
Baths: 2
Type: Mobile Home
MLS® #: 724617
Rehoboth Beach
Mobile Home
MLS® #:

Ground Rent $664 Mo. A Woodland Retreat With Brand New Carpet Throughout! Expansive Screened In Porch,...

Photo of Listing #724617

Two Bedroom And Two Bath Spacious Doublewide On A Peaceful...

City: Rehoboth Beach, DE
Beds: 2
Baths: 2
Type: Mobile Home
MLS® #: 724815
Rehoboth Beach
Mobile Home
MLS® #:

Two Bedroom And Two Bath Spacious Doublewide On A Peaceful Street. Home Is Sold Furnished And Boasts...

Photo of Listing #724815


Your one stop source for Mobile Homes at the Beach. New Modular & Manufactured Homes, Land/Home Packages, Financing, Home Inspections, Home Staging and Settlement Cordination.


Captain Mike's Picks:
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Some of these listings are ours some are listed by other agents. These are some of the best deals on the market.


Sussex County Mobile Home most frequently asked questions.

Q: What is ground rent?
A: The reason these homes are so affordable is because you do not own the land. Instead you pay a monthly or yearly fee to rent the ground below the structure. Ground rent can be as low as $4500 a year or as high as $18,000 a year for some waterfront lots.

Q: Why rent when I could purchase?
A: Unfortunately if you want to buy a home and own the land prices start at around $120,000 and climb quickly. We are happy to sell you homes costing over $100,000, but if you have less than $100,000 to spend and want to live near the beach, mobile homes in a ground rent community are probably your only option. Click for Rehoboth Condos & Rehoboth Homes where you own the land.

Q: Can Mobile Homes be Financed?
A: Yes, the rates however are usually a bit more expensive than they would be for a stick built home. While rates for stick built homes have hovered in the high 4% range, rates for mobile homes can be 7% or more depending on your credit rating, age of the home being purchased and the amount of money you put down. Many people who own a primary home elsewhere get around these high mobile home rates by using a home equity loan to purchase their cabin at the beach.

Q: Can I put up a fence in a ground rent mobile home community?
A: In most cases the answer is 'no' or only a short split-rail fence, Sussex West in Lewes & White House Beach in Millsboro allow fencing.

Q: Wow, some of these homes only cost $10,000?
A: Remember the old saying "you get what you pay for" and "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." There are some very low priced homes on our website. Most of them are in very bad condition, some of them are in very bad neighborhoods. Just remember that if a house is priced really low there is a good reason for it, also remember that even if you can afford to pay cash for the house you still need good credit to be approved in ground rent communities.

Q: How many homes can I inquire about per hour?
A: There is no limit to the number of homes you can inquire about on our website but PLEASE be specific with your questions. Please be mindful that each time you click "inquire about this property" a real human is going to take 5 to 10 minutes to answer your question. If you inquire about a dozen properties you are asking us to do an hour of work for you. We are happy to do this for serious buyers, but it seems as if some people just like to see how many times they can hit the "inquire" button. It is not uncommon for us to receive 70 inquiries a day, 490 a week, 1960 a month but most months we only sell around 15 - 20 homes. If you want good answers please ask specific questions.

Q: Will I get a quicker response if I hit the 'submit more info' button multiple times?
A: No, you only have to hit the submit button once.  

Q: Is this home still available?
A: This site is automatically updated every day. If the house is on this site, and the listing agent does their job, the house is still available. Unfortunately some agents leave a house on the MLS even though it is under contract.

Q: Are the ground rent amounts displayed on this website yearly or monthly?
A: If the listing agent entered them correctly they are yearly. If you see a ground rent of less than $3000 the listing agent probably entered the information incorrectly. 

Q: What's the worst way to shop for homes?
Drive around a neighborhood looking at 'For Sale' signs and calling five different realtors to show you five different homes on short notice.

Q: What's the best way to shop for homes?
Get pre-qualified with a lender, browse our website, find a few communities and homes that you are interested in seeing and then call us to set up an appointment at least a few days in advance. If you don't set up an appointment in advance there is a good chance we will already be booked with other clients, especially if you wish to see something on a Saturday. First come - first served. Book early for weekend showings.

Q: I need to sell my own house first before I can buy a house at the beach?
A: This can be a dilemma, you want to move to the beach but you have to sell your own home first. If your real estate market is anything like ours most homes are on the market for six months to a year or longer and very few sellers are willing to accept home sale contingencies. My recommendation? Get to know the beach, drive around and choose a few communities you would be happy living in but don't set up appointments to see dozens of homes that may not be for sale in six months to a year when you finally sell your own home. Wait until your home for sale goes under contract before calling us to show you dozens of homes and save everybody the wasted time of looking at homes before you have the money to pay for them. It's much easier to buy a house than it is to sell one.

Q: What is a credit rating?
A: Years ago the lending industry decided to start tracking all of your financial transactions to help them decide if you were likely to pay back any money they lent to you. These days three major credit reporting companies control most of this data. Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. If you don't pay your credit cards, car payments, medical bills or mortgage payments on time there is a good chance you have lousy credit. Good credit is typically any number in the high 600's. Great Credit is typically anything above 725. Excellent Credit is 750 - 800. Your credit rating determines if you can get a loan as well as the rates for the loan. It is possible to clean up your credit rating but it does not happen overnight. Check your Credit Score for Free by clicking here.

Q: Do I need good credit to purchase a mobile home?
A: The short answer is yes. Even if you can afford to pay cash for a mobile home you still need to be "approved" by the community management. Typically this means submitting a credit check and criminal background check. What is considered good credit? Most communities have a minimum credit score of around 620 but we know a few that will go lower. You might want to take a look at Bay City mobile home community in Millsboro. Call us for details at 302 227 1033.

Q: What if I have Bad credit?
A: Don't waste your time searching our site or driving around to look at homes. Step one is to find out what your credit rating actually is. Step two is call us and we will see if we can find a community that will accept you. No use wasting your time or ours looking in communities that don't want you as a resident.

Q: Do these communities have a lot of rules and regulations?
A: Yes and no, typically there will be a brochure full of rules and regulations but most of these rules are there to keep the community a clean, friendly safe place to live. Rules like 'no roaming the street with loaded shotguns' and 'no non-running cars up on blocks in the front yard' are common.

Q: Can these mobile homes be used as rental units?
A: 99% of the time the answer is "No" if you wish to use them as weekly or monthly rentals.  Typically there is a clause in the lease which states "No short term subletting". Some of the comunities do allow long term renting but the renter often has to go through a credit check and a criminal background check.

Q: Are dags allowed in these communities?
A: Dags? Oh, dogs. Sure, dags is allowed in the communities as long as they are not the vicious type. Some communities say no more than two dags or other four legged mammals per house.

Q: What are the average utility costs for this home?
A: Winter? Summer? Spring? Fall? with or without phone, cable tv, premium movies? With an owner who likes it freezing cold in the summer and blazing hot in the winter? With an owner who only uses the home for two weeks every summer? My typical answer to this question is that no two people will pay the same amount for utilities. 

Q: Can we send you listings in the mail?
A: We do not send listings in the mail because they are all right here for you to see on this website. Listings on the site are updated three times a day. This saves a few trees every year and cuts down on global warming;) We are happy to e-mail you additional information on any of the listings you find on this site.

Q: How do real estate agents get paid?
A: Real estate agents only get paid when they sell a property. They do not get paid for chatting on the phone, driving people around, showing homes, answering e-mails or sitting in the office playing vintage Asteroids on the Atari website.

Q: Can we call you while we're drunk?
A: Please do not call us while you are extremely drunk or heavily medicated. It makes it very difficult for us to determine which home and community would suit you best. We are real estate agents, not therapists. We're happy to help you find a home but we don't need your life story on the phone, save it for while we're driving around in the car together looking at properties.

Q: Can we ask you tons of questions and then use another REALTOR® to sell us the house?
A: We would prefer that you did not. If you're going to ask us a lot of questions and ask us to show you a large number of homes we would prefer that you used us as your Buyers Agent. 

Q: What's the best way to upset a Real Estate Agent?
A: Make an appointment to see a dozen occupied homes 30 minutes from our office and then "No show" for your appointment. Successful real estate agents are very busy. They often work with many clients in one day. If you don't show up they have more than likely missed an opportunity to work with another potential home buyer during that time slot. If you don't show up they have probably spent a half hour driving to meet you, sat at the location waiting for you another half an hour and then have to drive another half an hour back to their office. If you don't show up, the agent also has to call all of the homeowners who changed their schedule for the day to accomodate your expected visit and tell them "sorry." But the story is not over yet, Each of the homes that you were supposed to look at also has a listing agent who will call us in a few days to see how the showing went. Your lack of manners has actually touched the lives of as many as 30 other people and cost the agent who was supposed to show the homes to you at least two hours of work, a couple gallons of gas and a potential sale. If you make an appointment and can't make it, please call to let us know!!!

Q: Are there a high number of Alien Abductions in Southern Delaware?
A: No more so than other parts of the continental United States, however Bigfoot is occasionally sighted roaming the wetlands of Long Neck Delaware and stealing blue crabs from fisherman's crab pots.

Q: Are all of the homes on this website our listings?
It would be very difficult for a team of five REALTORS® to have over 4000 listings. About 150 of the listings are ours but we can show you any home you find on this website as your buyers agent. It cost you nothing to use us as your buyers agent. We are paid by the sellers.

Q: Do we work with referrals from other real estate agents?
A:  Certainly! We're happy to be your Rehoboth Beach Referral Agents. Send us your clients, and we'll send you a check when the deal settles.

Q: Can we call you after 6:00pm in the evening?
A: We usually will answer the phone after 6:00pm but we are not in the office after 6:00pm. Please do not call after regular business hours unless it's extremely important or you need to buy a home right now, have a great credit rating and 20% of the purchase price in liquid assets. If you call after 7:00pm and do not have good credit or it is not an emergency I may tell you "Your mother was a hamster and your father smells of elderberries." You are however welcome to send e-mail any time you wish. I see that a lot of you are up at 3:00am searching for homes. 

Q: Can we send more photos of a particular property?
A: No! In 7 years of selling mobile homes and shooting thousands of additional photos at the request of e-mail inquiries, no one who's ever asked for additional photos of a particular house ever ends up buying that house. If you would like to pay us for our time & gas however we will be happy to shoot additional photos. If you end up buying a house from us we will even refund the photography money.

Ask us your Questions about Delaware Mobile Homes, We have the Answers! 302 258 4368

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