If you're looking for an agent who will give you the top level of care, problem solve like a pro and form a life-long business relationship with, Erin is that person. Hailing from the midwest's culture mecca of Ann Arbor Michigan, Erin infuses doses of cheerful optimism and a can-do attitude to the Coastal Mobile team and the Keller Williams- Delaware Beaches Market Center. As a member of Keller William's Associate Leadership Council and co-chair of the Education Committee, Erin's attention to details and her eagerness to learn & share, is recognized among her colleagues. A manufactured housing expert, Erin closed $7.3 million in sales last year; 59 leased land home transactions plus an additional 14 fee-simple sales. She enjoys counseling clients, helping them to determine their best options based on their plans and situation. A proven negotiator, Erin works hard to arrive at terms and prices acceptable to her clients, and at a pace that is right for them. Never pushy, always caring, Erin finds joy in other people's happiness. 

Fun facts about Erin:

She has a BS in Forensic Science from Michigan State University and worked for the company that performed the DNA testing in the OJ Simpson Trial, during the trial. Erin is a bit of a science geek!

Erin taught herself how to make all-natural soap from scratch, and had a successful business called The Natural Bar Soap Company prior to her real estate career. She also had an interior design business and designed & fabricated window treatments and other decor items made of fabric.

Erin's quite musical; she's played accoustic guitar and piano since childhood, and had a bit of fun with an accordian and violin back then, too!

She's not afraid of power tools. Her favorite? Her 12" Dewalt compound miter saw and her pneumatic finishing nailer.  


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